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Training for Quality Muscle Gains

When trying to put on size one must decide whether or not they want to add an excessive amount of bodyfat along with some new muscle tissue, or add lean muscle with limited amounts of bodyfat accumulation. The obvious answer to the question is that one should not desire to add bodyfat as extra bodyfat accumulation will hamper muscle gains. When extra bodyfat is added to the body, it is usually aaccompanied by a drop in the efficiency of the cardiovascular system which in turn can have an adverse effect on your workouts and recovery! Hormonal pathways are also sometimes disrupted when a significant rise in bodyfat is noted, this can cause a drop in serum (found in blood) testosterone levels which is hardly desireable for someone who is trying to add muscle to his/her body. To avoid this altogether it is a must that you follow these important steps/rules...

1 - Always know how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis. This is important because any calories that are not burmed or stored as glycogen in the muscles or liver or proteins used for growth and repair will most certainly be stored as bodyfat!

2 - Balance your daily caloric intake with your daily energy expenditure. To do this write down everything you eat and everything you do in the gym for 10 days. If you lose weight then you are not consuming enough calories; while if you gain weight then you are consuming too many calories. Adjust accordingly, not drastically up or down.

3 - Never set goals that are too lofty. Many times people set goals for the amount of weight they want to gain in a certain timeframe, this can be bad as when they are falling behind in their progress, they often resort to an "eat everything"approach which often leaves them with a large gain in bodyfat stores. Take a logical approach to reaching your goals, don't expect to attain them "overnight", as they say "rome wasn't built in day" and neither will your physique! Give yourself time to develop properly and you will reap the rewards of having a strong and healthy body that you can be proud of!


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