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Track Your Bodybuilding Progress

This tip is so elementary, many of you laugh, but it's also one of the most overlooked. To properly adjust your diet, training, or life in general, you must know what your starting point is. Ensure that you keep a journal of your training sessions and diet. This way, at the beginning of your next workout,you will know what your starting weight should be for the upcoming exercise. This eliminates many wastedsets and time, and allows you to gauge your progress. I strive to go up 5 lbs or increase in repetitions witheach workout. Tracking your diet allows you to effectively tweak it. You will be able to learn which foodsaffect your body in a particular way. I keep two seperate journals which allow me to track my diet, training andfeelings about the two. If a particular food gives me energy, I make note of it, things like that are especially important.

Good luck!


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