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Quality Calories Bodybuilding

You should consume calories from quality sources such as:


Egg Whites
Lean Fish (ie, Cod, Roughy, etc)
Lean Red Meat
Low Fat Dairy


Yams/Sweet Potatoes
Rice (brown preferred)
White Potatoes


Olive Oil (Monounsaturated Fat)
Flax Seed Oil
Safflower Oil

Bear in mind that these are examples of what is good. You can find other foods that are comparable, but you will need to buy a food index book to determine which foods are valuable to your diet.You should incorporate some of each of the above in each of six meals consumed throughout the day. This ensures a constant supply of nutrients and energy throughout the day. A good ratio to follow is 40 - 40 - 20, protein, carbs, fats. This is a starting point. It is up to you to tweak the ratio to best suit you. Stay away from animal fats and fatty foods such as fatty beef, pork, whole dairy products, etc.


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