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How to Maximize Muscle Recovery

To maximize muscle recovery and growth these things must be met:

1) 15 minutes following a workout, a carbohydrate should be ingested along with a protein supplement. The carbs should be mixed in nature but mostly complex. A good example would be two scoops of whey mixed with fruit juice and a small white potato or some white rice. This will ensure that all nutrients needed for recovery are present in the bloodstream when insulin and other anabolic hormones are at their active peak. This is when most nutrients are "shuttled" to the ares in which they are needed most.(carb intake should be 50-75% of bodyweight)

2) Before going to bed, take in a good quality source of protein. This will ensure proper nitrogen balance which is essential to muscle growth. Protein (especially whey) has been shown to have a g/h(growth hormone) stimulating affect. On top of that, the first 1-2 hours of sleep are prime time for g/h(growth hormone) release. So take that protein before bed and watch yourself become bigger and stronger!

3) Don't rely on supplements for growth. Instead, learn the proper way to feed your body to growth using whole foods.


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