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Andro Shock Reviews

Many people have been asking for a review of the Andro-Shock supplement. Andro-Shock is a legal testosterone booster stack, that many people use as an alternative to steroids. It has 10 different supplements in it, including, Tongkat Ali (Long Jack), DHEA, Zinc Sulphate, Saw Palmetto, Chrysin, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puma, Nettle Extract and Betasistosterol. For full information go to Andro-Shock

I have also reprinted here some Andro Shock Reviews, I've found on different forums:

"The stack is primarily composed of natural herbs which help in providing increased energy, faster recovery and growth and a greater sense of well being. The supplement ingredients are all combined in Andro-Shock in such a fashion that there overall effect is synergistically enhanced, allowing mass muscle growth and increased hormonal performance in a very short period of time.

It uses Tongkat Ali or Long Jack as a primary hormonal balance supplement which increases anabolic activity to a great extent. It helps in building greater endurance and stamina , multiplying your performance in all physical activities. It is extremely effective in muscle growth, repair and regeneration while decreasing body fat. With Andro-Shock you have a greater and safer enhanced muscle mass with increased strength and virality . It also has a cheap price tag for its features, so if you want to pump yourself up quickly and effectively, Andro-Shock can help you tune up in a very short period of time. Highly recommended from my side."

"I don't have the perfect genes for bodybuilding, nor do I have a lot of time to eat the right way. Using the Andro-Shock product however I really have seen excellent returns on my workout time in the gym.

I usually work 55 plus hours a week and workout at 5:30 in the morning before work. Not the ideal circumstances for good nutrition or working out. Yet my flat bench went from 225 lbs to 285. And as of last week I went up to 290 lbs. My arms have grown almost 2". I have noted increases in all body sets.

And what amazes me is that I haven't got the shaky feeling I used to get from other Andro products that have been made illegal. Thanks for a non-steroid based product that actually works. "

"I'm training and using Andro-shock to help me achieve a bulkier and stronger build. Compared to other bodybuilding supplements, Andro-shock has an effective and safer formula that doesn't include banned ingredients. It's completely legal to help support your testosterone levels and I can definitely say that it is a safer and better alternative to steroids. It is definitely worth spending my money on since it makes my gym workouts worth something. Andro-shock also does not give me that jittery feeling compared to other products with illegal steroids in them.

There are no bad effects, in my experience. I'm also a busy person with a job that requires me to be at work for over 10 hours, which means that I may not have enough time to go to the gym or eat the right kinds of food required of body builders. However, with Andro-shock, I noticed a significant increase on my weight and muscle mass. I take Andro-shock based on its suggested use, which is 3 capsules once or twice a day. The Ugly However, if you are working with a nutritionist or trainer, take it as directed by them to achieve the best results that can have you bulking up in no time. "

"I found that Andro- Shock does work and works well. My first few days of using it I noticed an increase in my sex drive which in turn means my test levels were sky rocketing . After the 2nd week I noticed gains in strength and muscle stamina and endurance which is perfect for Strongman. With me getting stronger from using the Andro-Shock I put on some solid muscle as well . I am anxious to use both Andro-Shock and Nitrobol together for my next study and see what amazing results a 3 month study will bring complete with before and after pictures and bodyweights. I am convinced that after 3 months of using the 2 products together that if I wasn't able to put on at least 20 pounds of solid muscle I will stop lifting and competing all together and thats a promise. This stuff works that well."

For full inf0rmation go to Andro-Shock

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