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This website was created to provide bodybuilders with a free information on workouts, exercises. diet, nutrition, rest and supplements.

The posts about workouts and nutrition will help you stay on top of things and give you advice that you can use to improve your results even more.


Training Secrets

People always ask what the pros do differently from everyone else. The answer is...

The Myth of Pro Bodybuilding Training Secrets

Tracking Progress

This tip is so elementary, many of you laugh, but it's also one of the most overlooked. To properly adjust your diet, training, or life in general, you must know...

Track Your Bodybuilding Progress

Quality Muscle

When trying to put on size one must decide whether or not they want to add an excessive amount of bodyfat along with some new muscle tissue, or add lean muscle with...

Training for Quality Muscle Gains

Muscle Recovery

To maximize muscle recovery and growth these things must be met...

How to Maximize Muscle Recovery


You should consume calories from quality sources such as...

Quality Calories Bodybuilding

Whey Protein

It has been known for years that different types of proteins (i.e., whey, egg white, poultry, etc.) have varying effects on human biochemistry and metabolism...

Whey Protein for Building Muscle

Andro Shock

Many people have been asking for a review of the Andro-Shock supplement. Andro-Shock is a legal testosterone booster stack, that many people use as an alternative to steroids. It has 10 different supplements in it, including, Tongkat Ali (Long Jack), DHEA, Zinc Sulphate, Saw Palmetto, Chrysin, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puma, Nettle Extract and Betasistosterol.

To read all the reviews go to Andro Shock Reviews

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